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imagine if you had a step-by-step plan that was so simple it literally took all the guess work out of what to eat and how to exercise. What if it was also scientifically proven to produce EXTRAORDINARY results guaranteed? too good to be true? well it get's better. 

WHAT IF IT ALSO CREATED A WAY TO KEEP YOU MOTIVATED AND INSPIRED AND GOT YOU IN great results in as little as 30 days? Would you do it?

the results challenge is all that and much more, Call us or complete the information form below to learn more.

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How it works

The Results Challenge uses the latest techniques in nutrition and exercise science to unleash your body's ability to burn high levels of fat, build lean muscle, and improve your health leaving you feeling confident, younger and better than ever.

You will see results your first week with our "super" simple easy to do NUTRITION Plan and coaching

Everything will be done for you and you will recieve step-by-step instructions and coaching on everything from meal planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, dining, supplements, exercise and even sleep.  All you have to do is follow the plan to the best of your ability and have fun! Even following the plan 50% of the way will get you results.*

get stronger and tone your arms, legs, and stomach with our get fit Training program

You will also be participating in specially designed workouts with certified fitness professionals that cater to anyone from beginner to advanced exercisers, all available at convenient times in day. (Click here to see the schedule of classes)

STAY MOTIVATED, HAVE FUN, and get empowered with accountability & Support

The program kicks off with The Results Challenge workshop where you will recieve a fitness evaluation and be trained on how to easily execute the program during the program. 

You will also recieve access to a group chat where you can reach out and ask questions, share tips with other participants, and recieve motivation and support from your Results Challenge coach.


We have incorporated some of the top strategies from experts in the field of fitness and nutrition science to make sure you get a program that truly delivers. These cutting edge strategies are usually reserved for fitness competitors, athletes, and celebrities and in this program you will be using these strategies to create your own body transformation. You will be able to:

Lose weight quickly and use food as a tool to actually burn more calories without exercising.

create structures to protect yourself against weight gain.

control insulin to effectively lose fat.

stimulate key hormones that speed your metabolism.

effectively remove water weight in one ridiculously simple step.

understand how to choose foods based on nutrient density and dramatically improve your health.

 exercise in a way that will dramatically boost your bodies fat burning capabilities.


Your results challenge coach!

daniel martinez hixson

nasm cpt & weight loss performance expert

"I created this program because I believe in people's desire to make a difference for themselves. With all the noise out there about what's the best way to lose weight and the many different options in the market creating so much confusion I've committed the last 15 years to providing my clients with no nonsense, scientifically proven, results generating strategies that have been proven to work time and time again with great success."

Daniel Martinez Hixson is a certified sports conditioning specialist, certified nutritionist and certified fitness professional through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the National Council of Strength and Fitness. He has developed and managed many programs for many South Florida businesses AND educational institutions INCLUDING BAPTIST HEALTH SYSTEMS AND MIAMI-DADE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. SOME of DANIEL's PROGRAMS HAVE been featured on NBC and the Miami Herald.



Melina U. / age 33

"I am truly a different person and I have Daniel and the program to thank for that. He wasn't kidding when he said miraculous results! Do yourself a favor and take the challenge!"

Darryl R. / age 28

"Daniel has been a good friend of mine for a long time and I have him to thank for the results I have today. Using the strategies from the program has allowed me to transform my body and really have the life I wanted for myself. If you're thinking about doing this, you are in for an amazing journey so just do it!"



jorge p. / age 44

"Daniel has been an amazing friend and support for me during the program. Before this program I did not realize how many mistakes I was making and how simple it could be to get in shape. Let me tell you if you do this be ready to be amazed!"


I am so certain that you will achieve results that you will love and that people will notice that if for any reason you are not satisfied with the program within the 30 days, I will gladly refund you 100% of your money back and let you keep all your program material as my gift to you no questions asked. All I ask is that for 30 days you give me all you got and let me be your partner in causing your miraculous results. Seriously, what gym has ever told you that you will get your money back after 30 days if you don't see results that you love!


ready to get in the best shape of your life?


to ensure that the quality of this program doesn't suffer we limit registrations to only 25 NEW people A MONTH. NOTE: all successful participants did not wait and took action now.

call for more information

786-429-0983 ext 101

or complete the information request form below to get a free week of training and to get valuable information about the program

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Check off what amount are you willing to invest on helping you accomplishing your health, fitness, or weight loss goal